Why I’m Running

Joe speaking during a Republican Women’s Rally at the Charleston GOP 2016 Victory Office.
E.W.M. Mackey
My late relative, E.W.M. Mackey, served in many offices as a Republican; including US Representative (SC 2 & SC 7), and Chairman of SCGOP.

I am running for National Delegate because I believe our party deserves a future, both certain and prosperous. My family has called South Carolina home since the 1700’s. We have been actively involved in our state’s Republican Party since its founding in Charleston, South Carolina on March 7, 1867. Since my family’s start in the Palmetto State, they have served in many capacities from defending our nation as soldiers in various wars, to the halls of Congress, and even as Chairman of SCGOP. Needless to say, my roots are deep, red, and firmly planted in the Grand Old Party.

As a united party, we must do everything possible to keep the White House, Senate and reclaim the U.S. House of Representatives this November. Let’s continue to show voters that we are the party of great opportunity and fiscal responsibility. I look forward to working with you to accomplish this and much more by continuing my family’s Republican legacy.

I hope to have your support at the SCGOP Virtual Convention on June 13th!

Dum Spiro Spero,

Joe Bowers