What is a Soil and Water Commissioner?

The quality of our natural resources has a direct bearing on our daily activity, growth, development, and lifestyle. Conservation districts develop and implement conservation activities to ensure a productive and desirable natural resource base.

Established by the South Carolina General Assembly in 1937, conservation districts have worked to promote and establish the wise use of soil and water resources across the Palmetto State. There are 46 soil and water conservation districts, with the same boundaries as South Carolina’s 46 counties.

Each soil & water conservation district is governed by a five member board of commissioners, of which three are elected in county-wide non-partisan elections and two are appointed by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Board. Both elected and appointed positions are for four-year terms. Commissioners are charged with identifying local conservation needs, setting goals, and developing programs to achieve those goals, and ensuring effective implementation of the programs.

For more information checkout the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources’ Conservation Districts Page.